Sleep evades us

It is a sorry state that you find us in this week. If you have been following along in Instagram you will know we are nursing all the littlies through a bout of tonsillitis. (Check out the new little widget thingy on the sidebar which shows my Instagram feed, it really is the coolest thing! I love that I can be in the midst of this craziness and still share with you all our everyday moments).

So three littlies, three levels of tonsillitis, heading into our second week and it's definitely affecting the Wellbeing of this household. Particularly the parents, who are trying to function on very little sleep. We have had several visits to the hospital and we have the required medicine but after all doses have been administered and there's three hours to go before the next dosage, the only thing you can do is comfort. And comfort we have. From snuggles on the couch in the daytime to the sling to co-sleeping. Anything just to get some sleep! Three sick kids all at once was probably what we dreaded the most about having such a close age gap. And me getting sick. But we won't go there, will we?!

Some old unhelpful thoughts have visited recently (as they tend to in the middle of the night and when you've only had four hours sleep each night). Crafting handmade goodness has such a positive impact on me but at a time like this there is no time to craft. Several times I've wondered if I'll ever craft again (dramatic I know!), will this sickness ever end and will we ever sleep through the night. But of course the answers are yes, yes and yes! In the not too distant future this time will be past, our rhythm will return and sleep will be a regular feature. I can't say I will miss times such as these but there are small moments that I wish to carry through with me. Moments like sitting on the couch, running my fingers through Chook's hair, trying to will sleep through my touch. The softness of a tiny body moulded into yours. The pure faith that you alone can make this alright. To be needed.

Oh and look what postie just delivered! 
Happy Mail 
I see crafting goodness on the horizon! 

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  1. Hi Danya :) I've been thinking of you this week. Thank you for your thoughts.


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