Six Ways To Take Time For Yourself

I was holding my breath. To scared to breathe.
My mind was throwing thoughts out left, right and centre. Too fast to hold on to.
My heart was in my throat. My stomach held in so tightly it hurt.
"Just breathe, just breathe". I willed myself to take in a breath.
Time For Yourself
When I start feeling like this I know it is time to retreat, reassess, regroup. Take some time for me. More often that not, my retreat will need to be delayed for several hours or several days. To maintain a calm presence in my parenting, I tell myself to breathe and plan my first opportunity for a time out. Oh, and chocolate is always good!

1 . Take A Mini-Timeout
We've all got to go to the bathroom, right? Chances are that if I am feeling like this I'll be reacting badly, unless I am being mindful and present. My instinct is to fire up so to practice being mindful and present I need to remove myself from my children's presence for a moment, collect myself and calm down. I do this by going to the bathroom and breath in deeply and out slowly, for as long as I am able.  Then I can return to the situation and deal with it with love, calmness and control.  

2. Take Time For Yourself 
When my mind is so full that it is spilling out into my day and affecting my interactions with my children I plan my escape to the sea. I like to drive to a certain beach, park in the carpark that over looks the sea and sit and watch and think. My peace is found by the sea. A friend of mine likes to take the dogs out for a walk along the beach. Another friend works on a visual diary in her spare bedroom.
Time For Yourself

3. Sleep
I make sleep a priority. And if I'm not getting enough at night I try to nap with the kids at rest time and if that doesn't happen, I make it an early night.

4. Wake before the kids
I don't get to do this very often as I have an early riser, but when it does happen it is AMAZING. Just to sit and drink my tea in the quiet of the morning makes a for a happy and relaxed Mama!
Time For Yourself

5. Be An Organised Mum
I'll be running a series of posts soon on the benefits of being organised and how you can start the organisation process by looking at implementing some tasks and establishing a rhythm.

Looking for ideas on establishing a rhythm/routine, check out our Morning Rhythm, our Afternoon Rhythm or our Evening Rhythm

6. Get Creative! I have a need to be creative everyday. It nourishes my soul to surround myself with some form of creative outlet. There's my own passion for sewing, papercraft, cross stitching and writing. There's enjoying my teens passion for music. There's watching my toddlers play and build with a variety of household objects and toys. There's beachcombing and nature walks as a family. And sitting with my bestie talking all things craft.

Do you have any tips on how you take time for yourself? How do you maintain a calm presence in your parenting? Please share your ideas!

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  1. Wonderful post and ideas to take away with me thanks Amie!I really need to work on the getting up early before the kids one...when it happens I love that extra time but I keep sitting up to late to catch the quiet at night!

    1. Thanks Jode :) I have been pulling some late nighters recently too, but I always worry that someone will wake in the night and I'll get no sleep, lol!

  2. Thanks, Amie, for the beautiful post! I would add music and flowers :) So true about being creative, I just love your #6! I am a new admirer of yours. Will follow your blog and find time to read your other posts.

    1. Hi Laura, lovely to have you stop by :) I miss having freshly picked flowers on the bench and taking in their gorgeous scent! When the kids are grown a bit more I hope we can get a vase happening again. Thank you for the reminder.

    2. Sounds like a plan :) No vases here either

  3. These are lovely ideas. I've always wished I could wake before my son, but I just can't seem to get up before he wakes at 6am! Unfortunately when I have time out (like now while my son is sleeping) I work because I have my own business and I'm currently trying to come up with a plan to allow for my own time and not be working all of the time!

    Thanks for linking up with Mummy Mondays!

    1. Yes, something always has to give doesn't it! You are juggling many hats there and it must be difficult finding time just for you when you are running a business (especially an online business, the internet never sleeps! LOL) and raising your child. Keep trying to put you in there somewhere, it will happen!


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