Farm Animal Toddler/Preschool Unit

This has been a fantastic unit to do with my children and there is so much more to be learnt and experienced when we revisit the unit. The following unit activities were completed with two year olds and a 3.5 year old.

Creative Play - Farm animal stickers, feathers, match sticks and coloured paper make wonderful pictures to display. 
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Farm Sticker Art Activity

Dramatic Play - Using play dough, farm animal toys and a few other bits and pieces, children can create a farm yard for their farm animals. Using this play prop children will retell stories and create new ones. 
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Play Dough Farm Activity

We are also using the water table, the farm animals and a variety of props to retell Fergus To The Rescue by Tony Maddox. 
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Dramatic Play at the Water Table

How cute are these felt finger puppets? Made for retellings of Five Little Ducks.
Five Little Ducks Finger Puppets

Exploratory Play - Take a trip out to the farm. We are focusing on how many legs an animal has and different animal coverings, such as ducks have feathers and cows have hair. We are also investigating Sink or Float with farm animals.

Manipulative Play - We are experiencing this through play dough, the song Five Little Ducks and building farm yards with blocks.

Sensory Play - A field trip to a farm is a wonderful sensory experience and all five senses can be explored.
Using Our Senses: Look
Using Our Senses: Touch
Using Our Senses: Smell
Using Our Senses: SoundUsing Our Senses: Taste

Home Life - We aquired two ducklings on our farm visit so taking care of ducklings is included in our daily household chores.
Bringing the Farm Home

Chook - 3.7 years old
Strawberry - 26 months
Ooffa - 26 months
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  1. Oh my goodness those ducklings are so sweet! Love all of these farm ideas...especially love your little farmyard in the tub!
    Those fingerpuppets are just gorgeous, thanks for sharing all of this inspiration Amie!!

  2. What wonderful lessons! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  3. What sweet activities! :) Makes me wish we had a farm nearby to visit!


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